Cooker Removal

Who would need cooker removal services?

The kitchen is widely known as the most used room in a home. From cooking the family meals, to hosting friends, the kitchen is an important part of living. For this reason, the kitchen is subject to a lot of wear and tear, and is known to be the most common room for remodelling. The oven is one of the bulkiest, and hard to move, appliances in the home. Getting it out in order to install the new one can be difficult for some people and this is why cooker removal services are so popular.


A cooker has many parts to it, and many of those components are recyclable. The metals, glass and plastic can be reused and won’t be sent to landfill. If you choose to perform the cooker removal yourself and take it to the local tip, you need to make sure they will accept it, and can recycle it properly. Romford Waste Removal ensure that all oven removals are disposed of safely and ethically.


If you live alone, or have mobility issues, then oven removal may not be possible. Ovens are heavy, and cumbersome, making them very difficult to remove by yourself. Cooker removal services are there to make life easier, no risk of injury to yourself.

No vehicle

Not everyone can drive, or want to own a car, which can be problematic when removing any waste from the home. If you don’t have a vehicle available, then you won’t be able to remove the oven. They aren’t suitable to carry all the way to the local recycling centre. Even if you do own a car, can it fit an oven? Cooker removal services make it a lot easier.


Ordering a new cooker can be delivered, and installed, by the company you purchase it from. Not many offer a service to remove the old one, so you will have to plan around this. If your delivery is set for a certain date, you can arrange to have your old cooker removed the day before. Limiting the amount of time, you are without a cooker.

Which properties would require a cooker removal service?

Rental properties

As a landlord, you have a duty of care to your tenants. If something breaks or goes wrong, you are responsible for getting it fixed, as quickly as possible. If the cooker stops working, they will expect you to resolve the issue in a timely manner. You can arrange a cooker removal quickly and easily, so you don’t have to physically go the property and do it yourself.

Assisted living properties

Getting older means there is sometimes a reliance on more care. If you operate an assisted living residential home business, then the care of the elderly people is of most importance. It is a great way to keep some level of independence, while also having the health and social care they need. If the cooker breaks, then you need to get them a new one. Doing this by yourself would take away from the care the person needs, which is why cooker removal services are critical.

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