Romford Garden Waste Removal

Looking to clear a bit of space in your garden, get rid of an old shed or some garden furniture or is your outside space in need of some serious TLC? Our Romford Garden Waste Removal Service is on hand to get the job done as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible!

Rural compost pileWhat we remove

Our two man teams are happy to remove all the following, and more:

  • Weeds and old shrubs
  • Leaves and grass cuttings
  • Branches and tree-stumps
  • Greenhouses and sheds
  • Old garden tools
  • Coal bunkers and patios

Garden clearance can be a messy business, so in the event that we have to carry some waste through your house, we’ll bring along some dust-sheets to ensure your carpets are kept pristine! Not only that, but we’ll sweep up and tidy before we leave, so you are left with a clean and tidy house to match your newly pristine garden!

How we do it

Our Romford Garden Waste Removal Service operates 7 days a week, from 7am to 11pm, so you can be sure that no matter how busy your schedule, we’ll be able to find a time to suit you. We book in two-hour slots, so you don’t have to waste your time hanging around all day waiting for us to turn up.

We are fully licensed waste carriers, so you can be sure your waste will be properly disposed of. 80% of all waste we collect is either reused or recycled, and we hold full public liability insurance for your complete peace of mind.

Finally, we have designed our service to be as transparent as possible, and as a result we will call you one hour before we arrive on site. This call will include a free, no obligation estimate, including labour, disposal and transport fees. What’s more, you only pay for the space you actually use in our vehicle, so regardless of the size of the job, we guarantee you won’t be stung by any hidden costs.

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What is garden waste collection?

The garden is a safe environment where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors while in the comfort of your own home. Garden waste collection is the removal of organic waste created from any Garden Maintenance. Garden waste removal includes grass cuttings, branches and twigs, leaves, and other materials that biodegrade. This does not include animal waste and furniture; these would fall under garden rubbish removal. Romford Waste Removal can remove a varied number of garden waste and rubbish.

What items can be removed?

Garden furniture

Is your garden furniture looking tired or maybe unsafe? A garden rubbish clearance can help remove all your old garden furniture in one go; saving you several trips to the local recycling centre. Not all garden furniture is fully recyclable. If you are disposing of the furniture yourself, then make sure you take it to the right place.

Organic waste

Organic materials are anything in your garden that are naturally occurring and not man made. Organic garden waste disposal includes trees, hedges, grass cuttings and even excess soil and turf. Romford Waste Removal offer both Residential and Commercial Garden Waste Removal services.

Inorganic waste

For all other types of waste, inorganic waste is materials that are man-made. Such as paving slabs and concrete. These materials won’t biodegrade and can be a very big job to properly remove. These types of garden rubbish removal materials may not be accepted at all local waste centres so double check before you load a van full of concrete and slabs!

Shed interiors

The shed is a great place to store tools, appliances and old junk. The issues arise when the shed can no longer store anything as it is full. It is always a good idea to regularly perform a Shed Clearance and Removal of any unwanted possessions.

Garden structures

Once the shed is cleared, you can now remove the shed itself. It could be that you are upgrading your current shed or just removing it all together. Not all materials used in the shed are recyclable and may require to go to different places. Same can be said for summer houses, gazebos and greenhouses.

Why is it important to have a nice and tidy garden?

Apart from looking better, a tidy garden can actually save you money, and increase safety in your home. The garden is not only an outdoor space to live in, it could also be an escape route in case of emergency.


Wooden decking is said to have a life span of around 10 years, but can last up to 15 years if properly looked after. Leaving fallen leaves on the decking in the wetter and colder months can cause damp to get into the wood and rot. Garden waste removal may cost, but if decking is not maintained, it will cost thousands to replace.

Health and safety

Pruning and trimming hedges will make sure no one is caught or hurt by a stray branch, but there are other health and safety reasons to have a garden clearance. In the event of a fire, your garden may be the only safe exit. If the garden is overgrown and full of garden rubbish set for removal, it could impede your escape route.

Healthy plants

Yard Waste Removal doesn’t just look nice, it will also protect your plants. Weeds spread and grow fast and starve other flowers of much needed water. Removing the weeds is not enough as they spread quickly; regular green waste collection and removal stops the weeds from growing all over.

Why is it a good idea to outsource garden waste removal services?

You are busy with day-to-day chores, let us arrange a collection day and leave this work to us.

Some people love gardening and maintaining their own space. Others are very much the opposite. Whoever you are and whatever your thoughts on gardening are, outsourcing your garden waste collection is much more convenient. The modern times are busy and leave much less free time than before. All you need to do is arrange a collection day with Romford Waste Removal and we will take care of the rest!

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Give us a bell on 01708 548818, or alternatively you can always contact us online .

We remove any type of waste!